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“Liverpool; You Are Amazing” – Annie Mac 2011

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Last night was too much. A couple of videos I took-

Boys Noize-Yeah

Cassius-I Love You So (Skream Remix)


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Annie Mac/Nero Album Launch/Hype/Futurebound

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Tonight at Chibuku, shitting my pants with excitement. Just going to throw out a few lesser known tracks for you, and write this post as a sort of diary entry for me to look back on. Cool I know. Think of me when Nero comes on at 2 and I’m skanking.

Annie doesn’t make her own tracks so here is one of my favourite mini-mixes from her show.



And the Danger Remix (Download)


Morillo – Voodoo Nights London

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VERY excited to have just got myself a ticket for Erick Morillo’s first London night for about a year on the 18th March, while it’s also the opening night of Pulse – with a claimed capacity of 4500 people. Lovely. Waiting on the special guests to be announced, whoever they are will only add to this spectacle. Bahhhh!

Look at the happiness in this video. This will be me, no doubt.




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Sorting this fucker out is probably the longest thing ever. There must be a quicker way. New music every day doesn’t help, but I can’t stop myself.

Skrillex comes to the UK!

Posted in Dubstep, Events, Music with tags , , on January 4, 2011 by sarahlou18

Any of you who’ve been to some good dubstep nights recently have probably heard of Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore, From First to Last) and his big tune Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. His first european gig takes place in Ewer St Warehouse, London, for Spectrums 10th birthday. Pendulum are headlining and Doorly and Joker amongst others will also be there. It’s going to be a mental night and at £16.50 it’s hard to refuse. Tickets can be bought here.

Hope to see you there raving! SaLou ♥

Feed Me- Blood Red

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Flux Pavilion played this at Dub Cartel, Silo on New Years Eve. At first everyone was kind of just bobbing along thinking it was a bit slow and chilled after all the heavy dubstep but when it dropped it was mental and totally unexpected but for all the right reasons! The new EP has just been released through Mau5trap and you can listen to it here: SaLou ♥



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…was spent in Camden with a good mate. After spending the final minutes of 2010 drinking with the Irish in Muswell Hill, we rolled into Camden steaming and then struggled to get into the first bar…but the second, whatever it was, played this at some point and made my night.