Saturday Sampler #2 – Chase and Status & Doorly

Chase and Status are known for their catalogue of remixes but not so much for their sampling- here are two (of not many) samples I can find for them. The most obvious, which I haven’t posted, would be the Smash TV sample from Guns N’ Roses, but I think these two are little less known..

Eastern Jam & Devdas – Silsila Yeh Chachat Ka. Yeh me neither. Sample starts at 00.56.

And watch Eastern Jam here (new window).

Next up is ‘Hypest Hype’ from the new album No More Idols and The Doors – Been Down So Long. The name gives this one away.

Pretty clear where the sample starts here.

And Hypest Hype can be seen here.

Read on for something a bit special (in my opinion) after the jump..

This one is a specific rework/whatever of an old classic rather than a sampled track, part of the Pigeonhole This! monthly giveaway. So, so good. Called Double Dutchie, a rework of “Pass The Dutchie” by Musical Youth. The 90 odd second breakdown is the perfect precursor for a slightly unexpected drop…

The original video from Musical Youth

Download here. (The important bit).



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